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Chernis Law Group P.C. is based in Santa Monica, California. The Firm was founded by Michael Chernis in 2015, although the practice and Firm trace their roots to 2009 when Mr. Chernis relocated to California from New York City, where he had attended Fordham law school and then practiced in “Big Law” for 14 years. Mr. Chernis has applied his New York work ethic and skill sets — tenacity, creativity, sensitivity, thoroughness, and measured aggressiveness developed while defending hedge funds and Fortune 500 corporations in high stakes litigation to his Los Angeles practice. Thus, its energy and attitude is a blend of New York intensity and laid back Santa Monica. Although the Firm continues to represent clients in both federal and State criminal and regulatory matters on a select basis, its cannabis law practice is its focus, and has grown substantially since 2009 when Mr. Chernis first became a "pot lawyer at a time when the practice area was in its formative stages.

In the cannabis law space, the Firm advises a diverse mix of clients, ranging from individuals to small and mid-size entities, and includes both start-ups and established brands. Our clients include manufacturers, cultivators, retailers, collectives, patients, landlords, property owners, and investors.

We have the depth of legal knowledge, training, and experience to assist our clients with various needs that cut across several different substantive practice areas within the cannabis law space, as well as certain complimentary practice areas. We combine innovation, wisdom, caution, loyalty, tenacity and aggressiveness with a firm legal understanding and a deep knowledge of our clients’ needs and businesses to resolve their legal challenges in creative ways. We also take great pride in the quality of our services, the success of our clients, and the relationships that are forged through those successes.

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