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Get science right before implementing different DUI law for marijuana

by Michael Chernis // SF Examiner Even as California and other states consider expanding the legal availability of marijuana for recreational as well as medicinal use, there has been a concerted push by some to create new laws criminalizing driving

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This Is How Much Money California Could Make on Recreational Marijuana

by Michael Addady // Fortune It’s in the billions. Legalizing recreational marijuana could be a smart financial move for California.

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Out of the “Weeds”: How Will Hollywood Portray the Marijuana Business in a Legalized World?

by Michael Chernis via Huffington Post Read this post here: Huffington Post In shows such as “Weeds” and “High Maintenance,” Hollywood has portrayed people illegally buying and selling marijuana in sometimes titillating, sometimes life-threatening situations. Of course, all those story

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Marijuana Regulatory Framework – LA City Counsel letter

Please see attached letter. hw-letter-on-marijuana-regulatory-framework-10-04-16

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