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PERSNICKETY POLICYMAKING TRAILS PUBLIC SENTIMENT, WITH CITY LEADERS TREADING LIGHTLY IN UNCERTAIN TIMES By Beige Luciano-Adams Santa Monica voters overwhelmingly approved legalization of recreational marijuana last November, with more than 70% casting a ballot in favor of Prop 64 (versus

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You Can Sort of Legally Smoke Weed in California but Maybe Not in Your Apartment

by Hayley Fox // LA Weekly Although the state of California has given adults the green light to smoke weed recreationally and approved a limited amount of home grow, Angelenos who rent their residence may still have one big hurdle

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Memorandum from the County of Los Angeles, County Counsel

LA County Proposal for closing dispensaries in unincorporated areas, using law enforcement and civil litigation.

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DHS chief: ‘Marijuana is not a factor in the drug war’

By Olivia Beavers // The Hill Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly said Sunday marijuana is not “a factor in the drug war,” citing addictive drugs as the key border focus for fighting illegal drugs in the U.S. “Yeah, marijuana is

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Legal Marijuana Ends at Airport Security, Even if It’s Rarely Stopped

People in 29 states can legally use medical marijuana for a variety of problems, including the relief of pain, anxiety or stress. But what if they want to travel with it? Secure airport areas beyond the Transportation Security Administration checkpoints

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