Marijuana and California Real Estate Presentation – Los Angeles County Bar Association

Michael Chernis of Chernis Law Group spoke at the Los Angeles County Bar Association Real Property Section on May 10, 2017 concerning marijuana law and federal policy. Laurence Hummer, of Laurence Hummer Law Corporation, said of the event: “The Land Use

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Former Yuba narcotics officer convicted in interstate pot trafficking scheme

by Peter Hecht // Sacramento Bee A former Yuba County narcotics officer was convicted Wednesday on federal charges involving trafficking nearly 250 pounds of marijuana to Pennsylvania. Yuba County Deputy Christopher Heath, 37, was a lead investigator who filed numerous

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Rohrabacher says he’ll take medical marijuana fight with Jeff Sessions to Supreme Court

by Brooke Staggs // OC Register Rep. Dana Rohrabacher said he hopes to convince Attorney General Jeff Sessions that good people do indeed sometimes smoke pot. But if he can’t, the Republican congressman from Costa Mesa said he’ll see his

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Trump issues statement on spending bill, rejects limits on federal marijuana laws

by Dave Boyer // Washington Times Like his two immediate predecessors, President Trump signed a massive spending bill into law Friday by adding caveats in a “signing statement” that asserts his authority against the wishes of Congress on issues ranging

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PERSNICKETY POLICYMAKING TRAILS PUBLIC SENTIMENT, WITH CITY LEADERS TREADING LIGHTLY IN UNCERTAIN TIMES By Beige Luciano-Adams Santa Monica voters overwhelmingly approved legalization of recreational marijuana last November, with more than 70% casting a ballot in favor of Prop 64 (versus

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You Can Sort of Legally Smoke Weed in California but Maybe Not in Your Apartment

by Hayley Fox // LA Weekly Although the state of California has given adults the green light to smoke weed recreationally and approved a limited amount of home grow, Angelenos who rent their residence may still have one big hurdle

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