Chernis Law Group


Chernis Law Group P.C. is uniquely qualified to handle civil litigation and business disputes related to the Cannabis business space. We practice in the federal and California courts as well as before arbitration and mediation forums.

Michael Chernis is "big firm" trained, having worked on civil litigation involving high profile tobacco and pharmaceutical companies. Our cases involve alleged violations of federal and state securities laws, contract disputes, business torts, disputes with municipalities and regulatory agencies, intellectual property issues, fiduciary duty questions, and disputes between principals in partnerships and small corporations.

It is our view that every case or potential case must be approached individually, based on the unique facts, the client's goals, and the client's budget. Mr. Chernis' training and experience allows us to better make that evaluation and strategize a course of action to meet those goals. Our deep expertise in high-profile civil litigation cases makes us the ideal partner to represent a client's interests, whether it be in the pre-litigation, litigation or trial phase of a case. We also know that no matter how small, a civil litigation can be both emotionally and financially important to a client and we approach each case and client in that way. That approach is evident from our availability to clients as well as the quality of our work product.

Because we appreciate that litigation is not always the best answer, we routinely advise clients on business, strategic, and compliance issues, and we provide innovative strategies to resolve disputes. When litigation is required, however, our clients receive forceful, nimble representation throughout the pretrial, trial, and appellate process.

Michael Chernis, Partner