Chernis Law Group


Chernis Law Group P.C. renders a broad range of general corporate services to its clients, with emphasis on those clients in Cannabis or ancillary businesses, including entity formation (corporations, partnerships, LLC’s, non-profits, associations), drafting of documents associated with entity formation as well as ongoing operations, and continued oversight of business entities including guidance with respect to what a corporate client can lawfully do and how it must conduct its business. Such guidance includes management of board meetings, election of officers, issuance of shares, preparation of minutes, and board resolutions. For example, we have a great deal of experience drafting operating agreements and partnership documents to suit a client’s unique needs, and advising clients regarding the differences between various types of legal entities, and which might best suit the client’s needs given the tax and other relevant considerations. For example, there are very unique tax considerations inherent in the Cannabis business space, which much be considered at the entity formation stage. We have specialized knowledge in that area.